Reality Check - Price Check!

In 2008  a young lady Jillian D####  came to work for us.  She had been in sales at "Lens Crunchers" for 6 years.  Jilian was incredibly happy to be with us.  I  saw how much fun she was having and I asked her what was making it such a delight to be in our office?  She said,  your prices are so much better than "Lens Crunchers",  I feel I am giving the patients and incredible deal!   With that in mind,  she created this price comparision.  If you thought it was a great deal to get a discount on glasses at "Lens Crunchers",  maybe you should think again!   Not that we think ANY chain store is close to our quality, service an professional skills. It was just too amazing to think that they stay in business charging the fees Jillian documented for us here.  (February 2008).  (Product & store names changed to prevent frivolous law suits).  Save $200 - $300 on a pair of Varilux Brand Lenses by coming to us.....imagine how much you save when you add in our frames!

Holistic Vision Care Fees

"Lens Crunchers" Fees  

Single Vision lenses    $100 Single Vision Lenses    $185

Single Vision UltraLite  


Single Vision FeatherLight Plus   $210

Single Vision UltraLite Alize

$220 Single Vision FeatherLight with Antiglare $290
Single Vision Ultralite Polaroid $180 Single Vision FeatherLight Polaroid $245
Single Vision Tint AntiScratch $110 Single Vision Total Lens $170
Varilux  Plastic $210 Varilux Plastic $410
Varilux Poly (thin) $240 Varilux FeatherLight $475
Varilux UltraLite $260 Varilux FeatherLight Plus N/A
Varilux Poly AntiGlare $330 Varilux FeatherLight Complete with antiglare $600
Varilux Transitions Ultralite Antiglare $425 Varilux FeatherLight Complete Transitions Antiglare $740
Why do people pay so much more for so much less?  --  The power of deceptive advertising?