Doctors Of Optometry:   Are doctors with at least 8 years of college study,  who specialize in the management and treatment of the broad scope  of eye conditions:

Who  people confuse us with:   

  1. Opticians:   These are craftsman (not doctors)  who are licensed to make eye glass,  grind and fit lenses and frames.  Because in some states they can employ doctors in their offices.... people confuse optometrists  with them.  On the other hand, all optometrists are also licensed and trained in optical work (as opticians)  though few use these skills other than to supervise opticians.
  2. Ophthalmologists:  There are doctors but they are medical doctors who specialize in eye surgery.   There are many types of ophthalmologists.  Retina Specialist,  Glaucoma Specialist,  Cataract Specialists  and even some general practitioners.   

Doctors Unique Credentials:

Dr Joseph A Ross   ODBSVS    (Over 30 Years Of Experience)

Other Doctor's References removed as they no longer are associated with our office.